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Windows 11: Control Panel is here to stay, but it’s being slowly replaced

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With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the modern UI Settings app and it was supposed to replace Control Panel at one point.

Windows 10 has been out for nearly six years, and Windows still has two ways to change apps. The large scale migration didn’t happen as Settings doesn’t have all the necessary features.

On Windows 11, which is the next generation of Windows, several advanced settings still rely on Control Panel. Control Panel is necessary if you want to change advanced settings like power profile, but Microsoft is working on a few new features that would push more users towards the modern settings.

Windows advanced network settings

For example, Windows 11 Settings app now lets you manage the network adapters without having to use Control Panel. To change adapter settings, you can open > Network & internet > Advanced network settings.

Network properties

As you can see in the above screenshot, you can now click on enable/disable button for the network connection under the “Network adapters” section. This feature was previously accessible through the Control Panel only.

In the near future, the new operating system will automatically direct you to the Settings app whenever possible.

Storage settings

Windows 11 Storage Settings

Windows 11 has also redesigned the Storage Settings to help users make more sensible use of their available storage space. The latest introduction is an improved layout with the ability to free up space on your drive by detecting older and unused files on the local disk.

Storage Settings layout

For advanced uses, there’s a new feature called “Manage Disks and Volumes”. As the name suggests, this “modern experience” is based on the legacy disk management tool and it has been redesigned with accessibility in mind.

Windows 11 modern disk management

It features better integration with other storage Settings app and Microsoft has promised additional design improvements to the modern disk management utility.

Battery settings

Microsoft is working on a new settings page aimed at battery users.

Windows 11 comes with a new settings page that will use graphs to show you more detail about the battery and power usage of the device. You can look at the resources-intensive apps which are sapping the most power and filter the results based on a certain time period like the past seven days.

Windows 11 battery usage

As you can see in the above and below images, Windows Settings can now give you a weekly and 24 hours breakdown of battery usage. These graphs are similar to Android or iOS’s battery saver and they can help users understand how much of their battery is being used.

Power and battery settings

If you want to control power profiles, you still need to use the traditional Control Panel-style settings.

Windows 11 is expected to bring in more pages from the Control Panel, and some legacy pages (those still using Windows 10 interface) within the new Settings app will also receive a facelift in the upcoming preview builds.

Microsoft understands that Control Panel has a very dedicated fanbase and Windows Settings work isn’t done yet, so the company is not planning to remove it anytime soon, but Microsoft will be redirecting more legacy pages to the modern Settings app.

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I give this 4 stars because the lady was nice and welcoming,It’spretty cheap and the results are nice only thing i didn’t like was the way my screen protector was put on it could’ve been better but overall nice store 👍🏾
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Great service! Fixed up a water spill corrosion. Laptop worked for a few days after but then didn't work again, so I brought it back in and the owner spent an extra 30 minutes with me to fix up the issue. Laptop works without issues now. Took my broken phone screen for a fix in the same week. All fixed up too! I know, a bad week for my electronics...
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Michelle OlayaMichelle Olaya
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My boyfriend cracked his apple watch screen. So for his birthday I brought it here for a screen repair. They charged me about 150, said they could replace it. Picked it up and turned it on and it was working fine. A couple of days later it stopped working. And upon closer examination the screen was glued on and I was able to pull it off pretty easily. What a scam. If you can't actually do the repair properly why take on the job? Came in with a fully functional product with a cracked screen and got back a hack job. Water and sweat obviously just killed the watch completely. I didnt even bother coming back I just felt like such an idiot. But just beware. Just take your stuff to the apple store.EDIT: In regards to the response you should probably tell customers that before or even after the transaction. Love that the warranty is to replace the part, but your carelessness already ruined the watch so I guess that's another way of saying tough luck we basically got your money and you have no recourse.
19:19 30 Aug 23
Been there over a dozen times in the past 10 year. Always provides excellent service and meticulous repairs. Highly recommend.
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These guys are great. Got a new phone case and replaced my battery so it’s like new. Definitely come here for all your tech repairs!
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Amazing experience, my brother been going here for years and took me with him today to get our phones fix. Great customer service and quality of their results is definitely appreciated. Will be back.
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They were able to ship a new screen overnight and replace my Pixel 7 Pro screen in under an hour for a great price. Don't go to the big chain stores - go here! Friendly, honest, and fast.
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20:59 03 Apr 23
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My phone was fixed in less than an hour for a good price. The quote was accurate to what they told me over the phone. Highly recommend?
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