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Regina B.

“Guess what?  Apple Care Plus provides replacement coverage for exactly two broken screens on an iPad.  After that, you’re SOL as far as they’re concerned.  What to do for break #3, thanks to the Young ‘Un and his Merry Tribe of Heathens?  Thanks to you marvelous Yelpers AND a Yelp Deal, head over to Eazy Computers.

This is a rather non-descript storefront along busy Marshall Road near 69th street.  The signs out front and in the windows offer a plethora of services – faxes, repairs, pay your utilities, so much more!  It’s not upscale, or even particularly ‘well merchandised’.  It is, however, very good.

I was greeted promptly and my machine examined. Oh, look, the case is dented a little bit too!  Yes, well, Heathens.  Had some nice gamer chat (I am a gaming Mom), then was told I could pick up in a couple of days so they could fix the dented case.  Cool.  $95 with my Yelp check-in coupon. Gotta love that!

Returned with the Young ‘Un and his XBOX in tow as the dang thing won’t find the Internet, never could, I hate Microsoft.  Instead of just taking it and charging me diagnostic, they asked me to do one more test at home to see if that worked. If it did, it would save us time and money with them, and might just fix it. That’s honesty.

Eazy, you’re A-OK with me.  You’re honest, friendly, and reasonable.”

LCD Screen Repaired
Liquid Damaged Repaired
Mac & PC Laptop Repaired
iPad, iPod and Tablet Repaired

Google Reviews

shreyas srinathshreyas srinath
23:05 10 Aug 22
Super fast phone service. I got my iPhone screen changed within 30 mins. Price is reasonable too.
Gabrielle DistefanoGabrielle Distefano
22:47 13 Jun 22
Incredibly quick and helpful! They fix my iPhone in a matter of minutes. The service was friendly helpful and informative! Would definitely return with any broken electronic I have in the future
cyrus samiicyrus samii
17:47 28 May 22
Punctual, personable and professional. A cracked screen fixed as promised in the time it takes to walk to Rittenhouse square to enjoy a cup of coffee. And very, very reasonable, too. Wonderful experience, highly recommended.
Supritha DugyalaSupritha Dugyala
20:01 23 Jan 21
I brought my PC into Eazy Computer Repair for an issue with my webcam. I had been unable to use my webcam for 3 months and had been searching for a solution to no avail. I brought my laptop in for a 40$ diagnostic visit and the technician identified the problem and fixed it within a day. I had my laptop back within 48 hours. Quick, professional, and easy!
Peter NallePeter Nalle
23:01 03 Nov 20
Efficient and very helpful. Very willing to engage with customer questions and issues. Hope they are charging enough to stay in business! Valuable resource in the neighborhood.