“Very professional work, good price, and such friendly staff. Out of the way location for us, but very much worth the trip. My daughter’s Samsung is like new.”

Gary B. (YP.com)

“Just got my iPad Mini repair here, i would say highly professional and grade A job by these guys. Knowledgeable staff and clean store. Best of all prices are the cheapest around. Check these guys out.”


“This place is HEAVEN! They repaired my iphone that I dunked in hot coffee. I was very impressed by how quick they serviced my phone and the price for fixing it was soooo affordable. I am glad I found this gem. The people are great and very friendly. They walked me through the process over the phone before I took my phone there. I highly recommend this repair spot before you think your phone can’t be salvaged.”

Sindoor S. (Yelp)

“I’m really bad with electronics. That being said, I always drop my phone. Lo and behold, the screen shattered when I dropped my beloved iPhone yesterday morning. I do have insurance with AT&T, but I really did not want to wait for them to send me a phone and go through the insurance claim process. Also, my update is in February, so why get a new phone when I’m about to get another anyway?

That’s when my lovely friend Yelp came in handy. I looked up places nearby that could fix my screen. I went there today, at about 6:20. I was hoping that they still had time to fix my phone. The guys who worked there were really friendly and super efficient. They just filled out a work order and took my phone to the back. No appointments needed like at stupid Apple. The associate told me that it would take about 30 minutes to an hour to fix my phone. I left at 6:43. They took less than 20 minutes to complete everything. What! That, and they hooked me up with a tempered glass screen protector. (Well, not really. It still cost $20, whereas online I can get it for $10, but hey, people have to make money somehow, right?)

So grateful for this place. The cost of the part + service was $90, but you do get $10 off when you check in on Facebook. So do it. That’s incredibly cheap considering Apple charges $269 + whatever fee they want to charge. I highly recommend it here! :)”

Kelly N. (Yelp)

“Awesome little tech shop with friendly and engaging staff. Went here to fix my shattered IPhone screen and they did a great job. I didnt have to wait forever and the price was lower then 3 other quotes. I had some weirdness with my speaker doing this weird feedback thing for a moment, after it was fixed and then it stopped after a day. Now, its perfect.

I was able to get the advertised discount and because I was bummed about shoveling out $100, he gave me a screen protector and put it on perfectly. I forget what “his” name is; so just ask for the cute guy with the sun kissed tan! LOL”

Mo D. (Yelp)

“The people at this establishment will show the people love and good business at the same time.old school attitude.when you in the front door,you know you’re family.and they’re professionals good at what they do.just ask for Tiffany ,John or Hassan.you’re gonna see Eazy Computers is a cut above the rest and they’re bringing the future forward”

Rolum S. (YP.com)

“Guess what?  Apple Care Plus provides replacement coverage for exactly two broken screens on an iPad.  After that, you’re SOL as far as they’re concerned.  What to do for break #3, thanks to the Young ‘Un and his Merry Tribe of Heathens?  Thanks to you marvelous Yelpers AND a Yelp Deal, head over to Eazy Computers.

This is a rather non-descript storefront along busy Marshall Road near 69th street.  The signs out front and in the windows offer a plethora of services – faxes, repairs, pay your utilities, so much more!  It’s not upscale, or even particularly ‘well merchandised’.  It is, however, very good.

I was greeted promptly and my machine examined. Oh, look, the case is dented a little bit too!  Yes, well, Heathens.  Had some nice gamer chat (I am a gaming Mom), then was told I could pick up in a couple of days so they could fix the dented case.  Cool.  $95 with my Yelp check-in coupon. Gotta love that!

Returned with the Young ‘Un and his XBOX in tow as the dang thing won’t find the Internet, never could, I hate Microsoft.  Instead of just taking it and charging me diagnostic, they asked me to do one more test at home to see if that worked. If it did, it would save us time and money with them, and might just fix it. That’s honesty.

Eazy, you’re A-OK with me.  You’re honest, friendly, and reasonable.”

Regina B. (Yelp)

“Had battery replaced in iPhone 5c. They did it quickly, and it was pretty inexpensive. They did sever one of the wires for one of the volume buttons on the side of the phone in the process, but when i complained they fixed it at no charge. The technician even showed me where he made the mistake which i appreciated. They seem honest and their prices are very good. Only $40 to replace the battery. I would definitely recommend”

Eian W. (Google+)

“They replaced the screen on my iPhone 5S for less than half the price the Apple Store quoted. Everyone there was friendly and polite. I highly recommend their service.”

Brian D. (YP.com)
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